Monthly Archives: May 2010

Green Almond, Sweet, Hot, Sour, Salt

Last week, Sarah and I took a trip out to San Francisco to scout out some areas we might want to live in and see if we could find an apartment.  The prices of real estate there were sobering enough to give us a bit of tension for this, but a nice side effect was […]

So then this happened…

While leaning against the enormous glass windows of the H+M on Chicago’s North Michigan Avenue with my brother-in-law Aaron, waiting for my sisters to try on God knows what inside, Vince Vaughn, his wife, and an entourage of his buddies lazily walked past us, no further than an arm’s length away. That was the least-exciting […]

What’s Next?

This is the story of how I got to do something totally, totally awesome. Shortly after I wrote a recent post about moving to the US, Nick Kokonas emailed me a thoughtful little letter along the lines of “Hey, good luck with your move.” This was, in and of itself, a total mood-booster and excited […]