Monthly Archives: July 2010

Raspberry Transparency, Yogurt, Rose Petals

Man, it feels good to be making stuff again. This is another dish from the book I’ve been eyeballing since day 1 with it; it’s so pretty, and has that ‘weirdness’ factor that I like so much about this kind of cooking. It was appealing at this particular time because it doesn’t involve a lot […]

Flavored Soda, One Bite

I had halfway hoped to start back here with a rhubarb dish, but it’s way, way too complicated to pull off just yet. My plan B was a raspberry dish, but I screwed something up when making it that requires me to order some more obscure ingredients, which will set me back another week. In […]

San Francisco

Here I am! Sorry, this blog has remained inactive in inverse proportion to the activity involved in getting settled into the Bay Area. You might suspect that starting up a new job and getting moved into a new place would leave little time for cooking, but you’d only be partially correct; there’s ALWAYS time for […]