Monthly Archives: November 2010

Pheasant, Shallot, Cider, Burning Oak Leaves

This has been a pretty exciting weekend for me. I haven’t had an autumn in about 5 years; Wellington’s autumn lasts about 3 hours one afternoon in March or April, usually while I’m in a meeting, and then it’s straight into 6 months of Southerlies and sideways rain. I’d forgotten about so many of the […]

Tonka Bean

So the site statistics page built into wordpress has a cool section that lists the top phrases used in search engines that lead people to this blog. The “information for weary searchers” page is dedicated to answering the most frequent searches that seem to be questions. Today this one popped up and I can’t stop […]

One Life

I think the judging deadline for this has passed, which is why I feel more comfortable sharing this around. A few months ago I joined an international photography competition. We were allowed to submit 15 photos that we felt represented our best work. Mine centered around this project, and the time I spent working on […]

Serviceware, On Cotton

Sorry for the anticlimactic lag here. I’ve more or less dropped the ball on the chestnut/beer dish, mostly because of not having any time lately to spend in the kitchen. As usual it mostly has to do with a movie I’m working on. Also, we’ve had a lot of visitors lately. I do have one […]