Monthly Archives: February 2011

White Bean, Many Garnishes, Pillow of Nutmeg Air

Last autumn when I made The Ridiculous Rhubarb Dish, I made a statement that I fear might have been erroneous: I said the Rhubarb dish was the longest recipe in the book. While that dish is indeed a force to be reckoned with, I’ve discovered there are others that are equally if not more complex […]

Crab, Cashew, Parsnip, Young Coconut

I don’t really have any in-progress, heat-of-the-battle photos to show of this one, mainly because it was largely pretty straightforward and fast to make.  It’s not quite like frying up a hotdog, but relative to the usual array of hoops and caveats I jump through, this one went very smoothly.  All I have to share […]

Pork Belly, Pickled Vegetables, BBQ Sugar, Polenta

This dish represents a pretty great amalgamation of Things I Love: modernist cooking and pork bbq. The obligatory explanation: Pork belly, cured for 2 days in a salt/chipotle cure, is cooked sous vide and seared. It’s topped first with spheres of pickled carrots, cucumber and red capsicum, then is encased in a brittle, thin, “bbq […]