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Visual Effects artist living in New Zealand and finding lots of fascinating things to obsess over.

Pork, Grapefruit, Sage, Honeycomb

It’s probably apropos that the first dish back in the saddle for this project is one tangentially-related to BBQ. While not totally deep southern, this dish manages to blend autumnal flavors with traditional BBQ pairings, with a few pretty rad touches just to keep it all the way Alinea. Pork — prepared two ways — is […]

Bourbon, Molasses, Brown Sugar, Paprika

This blog has fallen quiet over the past month or two while I’ve been working on what turned out to be a bit of a large-scale project. While it doesn’t directly have much to do with “molecular gastronomy” per se, it was still incredibly interesting for me, and brought to bear several things I’ve learned […]

Green Apple, Fennel, Anise Hyssop

I’m finally, after so many years, in a unique position for this project: I’m done with the Summer menu, and can’t really push forward on the remaining dishes because of seasonal restraints. This is pretty nice…it means I can relax a little and do some exploring without feeling the need to pressure myself on keeping […]

Wild Bass, Mushrooms, Red Wine, Several Embellishments

A couple years ago when making the White Bean dish, I counted up the components (22) and convinced myself I needed help completing everything. Several dishes and months later, I counted up the components for this dish (26)  and convinced myself I wanted to do it on my own. You can really tell how I’ve […]

Bison, Beets, Blueberries, Burning Cinnamon

Hey. Hey guys. Guys, check it out: I’m droppin’ beets. Hey where are you all going? Ok, sorry, for real this time. I’m 7 dishes away from finishing this project, and this one stars some interesting stuff. It takes a week start to finish, in large part because it involves making Corned Bison. I’ve never […]