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Story, Elements of Perspective

Hi friends! Several months (and several months more) later finds Sarah and I having completed all creative work for this book project I last mentioned. We launched a Kickstarter campaign that was successful enough to cover most of the funding for a print run I wanted to try, and I’ve spent my time since then […]

The Alinea Project

Not really sure how this is going to go, but…let’s learn about creating a book. A thought that occurred to me early in this project was “Man, I sure am taking a lot of photos for this. Maybe someday, if I ever finish it, I can pick my favorites and make a book out of […]

Icefish, Horseradish, Asparagus, Shellfish

So here we are, five years to the day from when this project was born. Everyone ready? Let’s begin. “Icefish” are a family of fish found primarily in freshwater areas of Southeast Asia. Sometimes also referred to as “glassfish” or “noodlefish”, icefish are small, with translucent bodies. They are believed to be “neotenic”. meaning some […]

Chestnut, Too Many Garnishes To List

A mound of warm, bay-scented chestnut puree sits in a pool of buttery parsnip sauce. Nearby is a pile of crispy celery root chips and bacon powder. This pile is garnished with a small lump of brown sugar crusted in chocolate, bay leaf bubbles, and a dollop of nutmeg mousse. Also floating in the parsnip […]

Bone Marrow Fudge

As we move into the Holiday season, I’m feeling like taking the scenic route here. I’m waiting for a few ingredients to come into season for the next dish I’m aiming at, so I have some time and space to play around. I’ve become addicted to  the ChefSteps videos; a recent one in which they […]