(from the Alinea Mosaic)

Pg 57 Surf Clam
No recipe for the Lemon Pudding on the fork; need to insert the Lemon Pudding from Pg. 269.
Need to add this sentence to the Assemble and Serve paragraph-last sentence: “Place a dot of lemon pudding on the back of the spoon”

Pg. 76, Cucumber Gelée
Change “5 g (.2 oz) kosher salt” to “pinch kosher salt.”

Pg. 92 Pistachio Brittle
Change second set of temperatures from 240f/116c to 342 F/172 C

Pg. 97, Hato Mugi
In list of ingredients, change “2 g (.07 oz) red chili flakes” to “2 g (.07 oz) red Thai chilis”.

Pg. 122 Whole-Wheat and Pine Nut Cereal
In second paragraph change second set of temperatures from 115F/45C to 320 F /160C

Pg 182 Pineapple glass
Need to add in method…”In medium saucepan bring 350g of pineapple juice, sugar, saffron…..”
Change sugar amount to 25g
Change salt amount to 1g
Change amount of Pure Cote B790 modified food starch to 45g

Pg. 209, Spun Sugar
Change temperatures to “325ºF (160ºC)”.
Change temperatures in component Muscovado Candy to “225ºF (107ºC)”.

Pg 222 To Assemble And Serve first sentence
change 225g to 75g

Pg. 223, Pheasant
In first sentence of To Assemble And Serve paragraph, change dry tempura base amount “225 g” to “75 g”.
Fifth sentence should read: “Season cubes on skewers to taste with salt and pepper, then dredge in flour, tapping off excess.”
Ninth sentence should read: “Season battered cubes with salt and pepper to taste.”

Pg. 224, Duck
-In Duck Brine component, change “13 g (.5 oz) powdered cinnamon” to “13 g (.5 oz) cinnamon sticks”, as per Dave Beran.

Pg. 257 Cinnamon Tea
Change cayenne amount to 1 g

Pg. 288 Pistachio Brittle
Change second set of temperatures from 240f/116c to 342 F/172 C

Pg. 291, Coffee
Change “Jet 31 liquor” to “GET 31 creme de menthe”.

Pg. 328, BBQ Sugar
Cook the sugar until it reaches hard-crack stage, 325ºF (160ºC). Change temperature from “160ºF” to “325ºF (160ºC)”.

Pg. 328, Polenta
Change amount of salt to “1 g, or to taste”.

Pg 343 Lemon Marshmallow
Temps need to change to 254 F/123 C

Pg 367 Sweet Potato
Change 25g carbonated water to 125g
First sentence of To Assemble And Serve change 45g to 75g
Last sentence in second paragraph “Season battered squares with mixture to taste.”